500 Internal Server Error

Does anybody else see this error message repeatedly today while browsing the forum?

I’m using Firefox 37.0.1
On Safari the message is different but the connectivity problems are the same.

I got this on Firefox Mobile (37 I guess), but it disappeared after switching to “view desktop site” and switching back.

Edit: Ok get it on the desktop too now. Sometimes it’s only a blank page, which says “500…”, sometimes there is the forum design with a button to try again. Also saving posts requires multiple tries…

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I also have this, on Chrome

The blank page also says “nginx” whatever that means.
The only thing that works for me is reloading the page until it works again (usually after a few seconds).
Oh and even though only we posted here before I don’t think this problem just occurrs for moderators, because it also happens when I’m not logged in.

EDIT: Search function is affected aswell and I’m also having trouble editing posts again.

Me too! Since yesterday I have to refresh pages 2-3 times before getting the page.

P.S. nginx is the HTTP server which serves the pages :smile:

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Yesterday I got the error when viewing the “new post” page, but today I got it when simply opening forum.fairphone.com
Right now I only get the error when viewing unread topics, or sometimes when posting a new message :frowning:

I get it, too :frowning: on the Desktop with FireFox 37.0.1.

Very funny, I got it when I clicked on this topic :smiley:
Firefox 37.0.1 on a desktop (Windows 7)

I get it pretty much all the time now and it takes me way more than 10 reloads until a page finally loads.
@Stefan , @Chris_R should we report this to someone from the technical department?

Me too.

Yes let’s copy @anon90052001 and @anon12454812 into this

I also got a “server not available” message from my Browser a minute ago by trying to load the Forum main page. Maby Problems with your provider?

If I load a general page like the blog or the roadmap the server seems to be very slow.


Hi all,

The forum was down for quite some hours in the early evening today. Now it’s up again but our developer team will look into it on Wednesday to see what the deep-rooted problem and hopefully come up with a long-term solution.

Sorry for the inconvenience.