4g problems, only 3g works

Hi. I’m a Dutch person living in France and I just got a Fairphone 4 last week. Unfortunately the internet did not work when I put in my French simcard (bouygues). I called them and after manualy filling in the acces point names etc, and them changing all kinds of things, finally it worked for on hour or so. Then I had to put in my Dutch Vodaphone sim for a while cause my Whatsapp still uses that number, and then when I put back in my french sim again internet did not work (but I can call etc). Even more funnier is that Whatsapp WAS working as that time. Again I called with them and after another hour of difficult conversations (my French is horrible), they said it should work now but it didn’t. Then I thought I should mess around a bit myself, and I changed the 2/3/4/5g to 2g and miraculously everthing worked. I found out 3g also works. But 4g doesn’t work. So now I’m using the phone with 3g. Also on the top right corner, there is something which flicks on and off next to the triangle.

At this point I don’t know whether there is a defect with the phone or whether it is a problem with the network settings . It’s not the sim or the network, because when I put back my sim in my old samsung it works perfectly.

It’s been a lot of hassle, anyone can help before I spend another dreadful hour on the french bouygues helpdesk?

This sounds like a very specific problem that support can better help you with than the community.

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When you changed the SIM card, the APN were lost so you have to re-enter. Maybe this helps to check against you current entries

If you stay longer and have to change SIM more often, maybe an eSIM could help to no always loose and reenter APN


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