4G or Dual Sim problem

Since the update to Android 7 I haven’t been able to get 4G unless I take out the second sim card.
From the forum I understand that only one sim card can access 4G at a time and the other needs to be set to 2G. But the thing is there is no 2G option, only 3G or 4G.

So I have to choose 4G or Dual sim :confused:

Does anyone have any advice please?

The 4G/3G/2G setting per SIM card can be found under

Settings -> Wireless & networks: More -> Mobile networks -> Preferred network type

German: Einstellungen -> Drahtlos & Netzwerke: Mehr ->Mobilfunknetze -> Bevorzugter Netzwerktyp

French: Paramètres -> Sans fil et réseaux: Plus -> Réseaux mobiles -> Type de réseau préféré

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Not on mine!

You could try:

Not ideal, especially if you need to switch often, but might be good for troubleshooting.

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I have this same issue, I use a Tele2 (Dutch) SIM in slot 1 and a giffgaff (UK) SIM in slot 2. I would like to have SIM2 set to 2G but I can only choose 4G and 3G like your screenshot.

I have tried a few things including reseting the network settings for both SIM cards. However, simply keeping SIM2 mobile data turned off is my only option for now.

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Tele2 does not have a 2G network, that may be where it goes wrong. Though that shouldn’t prevent you from setting giffgaff no 2G.

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If I understood you correctly, that’s strange Tele2 not having 2G would cause the other SIM to not let me choose 2G.

Yes that could be a bug in the software as I remember seeing Tele2 users with this problem before.

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