3x3 (9) beeps every minute when listening in my car via Bluetooth

I have had my car (2005 Honda Civic) and Bluetooth adapter for over two years. Yesterday when playing through the Bluetooth adapter (that plugs into the car cigarette lighter) it started to give three bursts of 3 sharp high pitched beeps about every minute. It does it whichever app I’m listening with.

I have no idea what is causing it and haven’t been able to test it with another phone yet as I am the only phone in the household.

I have got a new adaptor and it is still happening.
It doesn’t do it for the radio. It doesn’t do it in the house using headphones. I have tried switching off Bluetooth and on again.

I absolutely need to be able to listen to things in my car. Please help!

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And which phone would that be?

Which OS is running on it? Standard Android or something special? Which version (can usually be found at Settings - About phone)?

Thanks for replying

Fairphone 4, android 13

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