🇦🇺 3G network closure - Australia

I’m using a Fairphone 3 in Australia and the 3G network is being shutdown at the end of August. The advice from telecommunications providers is that the device may still work for calls/internet after the 3G shutdown, but that it will not work for 000 emergency calls as the phone forces 000 calls through the 3G network.

Is there anyone else in Australia impacted by this? Does anyone know of there is any possibility of addressing this so I don’t have to give up my FP3?

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Is this certain?
The Fairphone 3 can do 4G and VoLTE (4G voice calling, if the provider provisioned it for the user), and this 000 calls via 3G seems to apply to phones which can’t do VoLTE, so just wondering.

This was given for a Fairphone 5, though.
On a Fairphone 3 dial *#*#4636#*#* for the “Testing” menu, choose “Phone information”, then have a look whether “VoLTE provisioned” is enabled. If not, call your provider to check whether they can provision VoLTE for you.

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Discussion for FP3 here

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Well, with this much uncertainty I probably rather wouldn’t gamble with emergency calls.

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I guess its provider specific and effects all FPs when FPs cant use VoLTE in the network. It seems the provider knows how phones are logging in and might be able to help to get VoLTE working. So when they can confirm the phone was not using VoLTE so far they should be able to help and confirm the other way round?

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yes the advice from the provider was that they were contacting those who were identified as having an issue after the closure, and I have been contacted (repeatedly!)

Thanks for this advice - I do have VoLTE provisioned enabled. However, it seems that FP3 may not have VoLTE enabled for emergency calls - as per image below

Enabled and confirmed to be registered in the “special” menu or just enabled in the normal settings? When you call does the ohone stick to 4G or goes back to 3G during a call?

Who is your provider?

This screenshot is not defining the issue on your device in my eyes, and still leaves room, so best is to check the menu and call the provider.

Thanks for bringing this up. I also have a FP3 in Australia and have received the warnings (I am on Telstra network via Better Life Mobile).
From what I can gather, although the FP3 is capable of 4G, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE), it is not shipped with the required config for Australian networks.

I’ve confirmed this by checking the phone settings that “4G calling” (aka VoLTE) is enabled, and also “VoLTE provisioned” in the Phone information screen as described above.
But when making a phone call, you can check your network status and see that it has switched to 3G during the call.

Therefore I think FP3 and probably all Fairphones won’t be able to make phone calls, but I think data would be fine, so you could still make voice and video calls with other apps like WhatsApp, and maybe text messages.
But this is obviously not ideal, and won’t work for 000. I saw some ambiguous info that suggested 112 might work, but don’t quote me on that. In any case, not being able to make emergency calls could be Bad.

So the config is referred to as MBN in this Whirlpool thread), and it appears it might be possible to add it to your phone somehow. Perhaps if someone has the know-how, they could provide a similar guide for Fairphones.

Until, then I will next contact Telstra and ask what to do…


in the Telstra Network, maybe not in others

Vodaphone shut down 3G in January. So is anyone here using their Fairphone on their network?

Thanks, I didn’t see the IMS service status before. I can see:

IMS registration: Not registered
Voice over LTE: Unavailable
Voice over Wi-Fi: Unavailable
Video calling: Unavailable
UT interface: Available

So as you suggest I will contact Telstra and ask for it to be provisionend.

Just spoke to Telstra and they were not very helpful. They said that all they can see is that my device is not compatible with 4G and that it is not going to work once the 3G network is shut down and that I need to replace the device. They couldn’t provide any more info than that.

I guess I can just wait and see what happens on 31 Aug, but not an ideal situation re emergency calls.

Maybe call again and again…and tell them thats its not correct that the phone is not compatible per se and only in their network.

We as FP user can only share experience


Show them the “Network” section of this document.