3g is not working anymore

Hi there

After a few months abroad, my 3g didn’t work anymore when i wanted to connect to my home network (Telenet, Belgium). I’ve tried adjusting the settings, a new SIM and a system reboot, but nothing works. An employee of Telenet confirmed that all my settings were correct. I have no problems with Wifi.
Does anyone have any thoughts of what could be wrong? It used to work perfectly… While I was abroad i did do some system updates.


Do you have the correct SIM enabled for 3G?

Got to
Settings > Wireless & Networks > More… (directly below Data usage) > Mobile Networks > 3G service > Enable 3G
and enable the correct SIM.

Yes, the correct SIM is enabled (i’m only using 1)

Last few days my 3G has been going weird. I get the H next to signal and even see Internet running with the two in and out triangles but in reality the phone is completely off network with sometimes texts and calls screwed.

I have found turning Aeroplane mode on and off helps usually.

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