3G doesn't work after being connected with wifi

Everytime I leave home where my phone is connected to my wifi, 3G doesn’t work. I have to reboot everytime to get it back. This is very annoying…

Any ideas of solutions?

For me that works. But in any case the sign that it’s using 3G is not on always there.
I should say that I’m using llama which switches off GSM data as soon as it’s connected to my wlan, and switches GSM data on again if it disconnects from the wlan.
Did you try toggling air plane mode, as this helps often

“no Internet access” is what I get…

My 3G doesn’t seem to work at all. I’ve contacted my provider (Simpel) and they say I should be getting it, but so far my mobile network hasn’t gone above H+. Anyone know how I can fix this?

H+ is actually 3G. So if you have a 3G contract, everything is fine.

If you have a 4G contract, there is maybe no 4G available where you are living?

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H+ stands for 3.5 G, more than 14.4 Mbit downstream

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Thanks guys I didn’t know that. Everything’s fine then…