3G/4G on Giffgaff

I’m switching to Giffgaff, and can’t get 3G/4G to work.

The “Prefered network type” in the “Cellular network settings” says “2G only”. I get G or E connections, never 3G or H+.

I’ve tried lots of different APN settings from the Internet, none seem to help.

Anyone else on Fairphone 2 and Giffgaff? Does 3G or 4G work for you? If so could you send a screenshot of all your APN settings, and any tips?


Seems that you have two SIM cards inserted. Only one SIM card can be in 3G/4G mode, the other is 2G only. To switch on 3G/4G on your SIM card, you have to put the other SIM card in 2G only mode before.


Fantastic, you’re a star! In “Preferred network type” I set my old Three sim to 2G, then set the Giffgaff sim to 4G, and now H+ works on Giffgaff.

Thank you!