3D printed replacement parts FP2 cameras


I vaguely remember someone ones made filler modules for the FP2 cameras. So that you could replace the camera modules with basically, a piece of plastic.

Anyone here know if the stl files still lay around somewhere?

I am looking to revive an FP2 and use it for messaging and calling with a BT headset on Matrix only.


Don’t know about the files, but I know it was @dvl who designed it. He sold them on Shapeways for a while in 2016.


With @robbert.f’s indications and a quick forum search, I managed to find the dummy on shapeways. Unfortunately not for sale anymore, I don’t know if you could get the file out of it.

Otherwise you could just ask if someone has a dead camera module lying around they could send you.

I have 4 or 5 old cam modules lying around if you want one. They are not dead, but you would surely find a way to kill it😉

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haha, yes, that is of course also an option…
I actually also have access to (breakable) cam modules… but was looking forward to 3D print one… maybe I can just make it myself and put it on thingiverse…

Thnx for the help all!

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@Douwe hi. Have you made a model of the camera module? I recently bought a printer and now I use it to do whatever I can get my hands on. It would be great if you have already made this model. If not, how can I contact @dvl?

Please check how-to-dm :slight_smile:


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