3D-printable external Fairphone 3 Battery charger

Hi folks,

Designed and 3D printed a external charger for my Fairphone 3 battery. The charger module I found is designed for 3.7 volts and will charge for 80% which is actually the best way to make the battery keep its capabilities.

You can find the files and my print-settings on Thingiverse.


I am looking forward on updates about your progress!

One question I have: Do you design the PCB by yourself?

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Great that someone is doing this!

From the pictures it looks like you are only using two of the four pins from the battery, are only two needed for charging?

No, just a simple charger from AliExpress, I am sorry, not that sustainable, but the plastic is PLA and pretty biodegradable.

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As far as I know is that all kinds of battery’s have multiple contacts but usually you only need 2 of them.


Updated first post with link to files of the project.