30W dual charger plastic type


I have a UK, 3pin, 30W dual charger. It dropped on the floor and the plastic earth pin has broken off. It just needs gluing back on.

Does anyone know what type of plastic the charger is?

I just checked all documents I have regarding the charger, but none appears to contain any hint about the exact plastic type. (I almost thought I had found it when I saw the recycling symbol on the carton, but turns out it only tells me the packaging is made of paper. :D)
The only supposedly public document I couldn’t check is the declaration of conformity printed in the charge’s Health and Safety guide, as the given link redirects to the FP5 document, and it isn’t listed on the legal page either.

I guess your best bet is to contactsupport and ask them (and maybe update this post afterwards). I don’t think the information is confidential, its just not listed in the public specs afaict.


Thanks for looking into that. I’ll do as you suggested and hit up support, then post back here if/when I hear back :+1:


Hi there, support got back to me on details regards the plastic type of the charger, apparently this is the datasheet: https://solutions.covestro.com/en/products/bayblend/bayblend-fr630-gr_81538949-00004448

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