3+ not charging - bottom module or battery?

Hey folks, there are related topics raised here already, but not sure if this question is covered. I’m in the UK and struggling to get a diagnosis on this issue.

Phone’s died overnight, tried all the teardowns, resets, different chargers, etc. to no avail. When plugged in the red LED flashes slowly, but no other signs of life.

A repair shop did a limited diagnostic which said the battery wasn’t charging, but they were unwilling to delve any further.

Is there an easy way of telling what this issue might be? I don’t have any specific equipment to do anything technical, but am able to do basic repairs.

Any help gratefully received!

Perhaps you can contact a Fairphone Angel to see if the Angel has a bottom module for a Fairphone 3 to test your phone.


I would start by swapping the battery if you can find someone who has a FP 3 battery for a test, maybe a nearby angel as already suggested :slightly_smiling_face:

How old is the battery and has it been lasting a full day recently?
Does it pass the spin test (q.v.)

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