2nd SIM Slot loses connection to the network

apart from endless other bugs is my second SIM-slot not working and I really need it.
Until recently I have only used one slot with one SIM card. Than I inserted a second one and after 2 days the second SIM was not recognized anymore. The connection to it failed and I could not use it for calls/browsing
Here is what I have done already:

  1. Restart phone

Result: Sometimes temporary (about 2min.) connection to network
working, but than it lost connection and card failed to work.

  1. Switch of SIM cards to check if the card itself was the problem.

Result: Negative, again the second slot did not work.Pleas help me asap, since I really, really rely on using 2 cards right now.

Do other people experience the same problem. Thank you very much in advance,

Are the pins of the second sim slot okay?

The Pins look okay… They don’t seem to be bend or damaged

Which are your providers?

Both Sim use the network of O2 Germany…

Maybe a bad 2G coverage at your location? What if you put the new SIM in slot 1? Or simple change mobile network technology to 2G for SIM 1 and 3G or 4G for SIM 2. Only one of the SIMs can have 3G/4G.

No, happend at different locations…

I had a problem with my new and old SIM whichever slot I put them into.

However, I found that the SIM had slipped out slightly, not enough to really see visibly. But I pushed the SIM right into the slot and then used sellotape to stop it from moving, whilst in use.

Not great, but I haven’t needed to remove my SIM since installing 3 months ago now.

I hope that helps.


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this can’t be the solution…Having a Fairphone is kinda frustrating… Nothing really works without a bug… I really think about reactivating my old Phone… This is not a step toward fair electronics…
And the support needs years to reply… Just my three main problems

  1. Rebot if you chose your carrier too fast… at least 5 Seconds
  2. Black Screen after call, can’t hung up
  3. Distorted Speaker…

Can I have a Statement from you…

Well this is “only” a community forum. We’re normal users just like you. Sometimes people from Fairphone support drop by, but if you need a statement or a replacement, you better contact support directly.

And wait month for a reply… Am I the only one who feels like that???

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Did you already call them?
Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400

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