2nd SIM card doesn't work and causes phone to overheat

After some time without a 2nd SIM card (overheating problems) I tried to put it in again to see if the problem persisted… Surprise! : when phone asked for code I entered it but absolutely nothing happened… And again and again… SIM didn’t get locked as when wrong code being entered but I couldn’t get past this. So FP2 was unusable because it got stuck on this screen. This is a new problem. Occurred after update but I don’t know if it’s relevant.

And by the way, as soon as the 2nd SIM was in phone temperature rose to overheating… I tend to think this is a hardware problem but not sure.

Is it still the same SIM that caused the problems the first time?
Maybe the SIM was overheating itself and got damaged (more) in the process and that’s why it doesn’t work at all anymore.
You should really get a new SIM.


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