2G only on FP2 in Switzerland

My FP2 shows ‘2G only’ networks on the swiss ‘Salt’ mobile network. It is not possible to change it, even not in the hidden menu ##4636##
Was anyone confronted with the same problem and what could be a solution?
Thank you for an answer.

Did you check if the SIM that you want to use for data is grant 3/4G.
Go to ‘Settings’,
go to 'more’
go to 'Mobile networks’
what is entered by ‘Preferred network type’?
If you use 2 SIMs only one can have 3/4G.


I had the same problem… You have to decide which smcard you want to use with 4G. Then follow previous answer :wink:

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Yes, you cannot have both sim cards using 3g/4g at the same time. If you wish to choose which carrier has the connection, go to settings>mobile networks> preferred network type. First, choose the sim card you want to give the 2g connection. Set it to 2G. Then, and only then, choose the sim card you wish to give 4G, and set it to 4G. Doing so the other way is impossible. Yes, it’s not straightforward.

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Thank you for this explanation! I have been searching for this for several days.

But I am kind of falling from my chair… I bought this phone because I am living and working in two different countries. As a service, I wanted people to be able to call me for local tariff, but most of all I wanted to have internet connection in both countries in my car. So in order to get 4G in both countries, I have to switch the preferred network on the sim from the country I’m leaving to 2G and the one from the country I’m driving into to 4G… every single time I cross the border. If I had known this before, I would have looked first whether there is a dual sim phone that does not have this totally impractical ‘feature’.

I wrote already about this “problem”:

My opinion remains the same: It’s really important to have full 4g service on both simcards in future fairphones.
Otherwise for me as a multi-simcard-user, the Fairphone will be useless for me.


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You may support my feature request, i hope there will be an update. Other dual-sim phones make an automatic switch.