2018 Fairphone 2 with Brand New Case

2018 Fairphone 2 for Sale.

This model has 2 sim card slots, additional storage card slot.
12MP Camera
No scratches on the screen

Will be sold with its current case (clear) and Brand new indigo case.

Based in the UK and willing to ship to Europe for additional shipping cost.

£200 / €220

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Hi davewright! I’m highly interested in your phone. If you don’t mind shipping to France, let me know the shipping costs, and I can pay it all through Paypal for example ?

HI There,

Yes of course I can ship to France. It will cost 15 euro’s with insurance up to £250, signed for package. It would take around 3-4 working days.

Best wishes

Alright it sounds good, I’ll write you a private message.

You have to be a basic user for this, please see explanation:

It would be better to let @davewright message you.

Ok, although I believe I am a basic user already ?

Just sent you a message

Nope, not yet. Read the explanation to know more.

Hello! It is a little unclear-- has this phone been sold yet?

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