1st SIM stops working at random

I use the phone with two sims and sometimes, randomly, the 1st looses the signal. Rehabilitating the sim and rehabilitating it I get the signal back. Today I tried inverting the sims and it looks like it is a problem of the phone (now it is the other sim that shows the problem)

That very much sounds like it, yes… The Sim Slots are a bit fragile on the FP2, as far as I read, and they get damaged easily, especially when using an adapter for Nano Sims. If noone else here has an idea on how to fix it (maybe putting a piece of paper to apply some pressure would work), you might want to contact Fairphone Support…

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Had the same problem with randomly losing both sims. Putting the certain piece of paper between sim and cover will fix it to a reasonable solution.

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