1Password alternative for android and firefox


I’m in the process of migrating from iphone to FP2 and LineageOS and there are quite a few things from the Apple/iCloud universe for which I have not yet found a proper replacement in my new Android world. I hope this is the right place to ask this kind of question.

One of those things, which I found tremendously convenient, was the 1Password password manager and its integration with the iPhone’s Safari browser - i.e. calling 1password via the share menu in safari would automatically show all logins, which are stored for the currently opened web page, and another tap would automatically fill in the selected login information into the login form.

While 1Password is also available for Android it does not seem to integrate with Firefox for Android? At least not under Lineage OS?

Could anyone recommend a password manager (preferably cross-platform and open source), which offers a similarly seamless integration with Firefox for Android?
Keepass looks promising but the multitude of implementations is a bit confusing and I was not able to find reliable information which app would really integrate nicely with Firefox.

Would be great if people could share their experiences. Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid there is none. However, a safari like integration with 1Password is possible with Android 8 and Chrome. I am not sure if Firefox does implement the Auto Fill API on Android 8. I would recommend to issue a feature request to Mozilla, to implement such API and 1Password to implement a plug-in for Firefox for Android.

You could also use 1Password on Android and copy and paste. Or you use Firefox Sync to sync passwords from Desktop to Fairphone.

Mozilla is currently working on a better, on 1Password like password manager, but it is in really early stage and not ready for general use.

I’m using Lineage OS, which is based on Android 7, so Auto Fill API is not available.
I would also use any other password manager - doesn’t have to be 1Password - as long as it offers some basic integration with Firefox to fill in login data. I know I can copy from 1Password and then paste into Firefox but that is kind of tedious.

The 1Password plugin for Firefox can also be installed in Firefox for Android but does not seem to work.

Could you provide a link to some information about this new Mozilla password manager?

Does anyone have any experience with [bitwarden] (https://help.bitwarden.com/)? They claim that their Firefox plugin is also workig in Firefox for Android.


I have experience with Bitwarden. I use it on FP2/LOS, as well as some other systems and browsers. Works great, open source, you can self-host if you want, and you can use 2FA (requires subscription for ~10 EUR/year). That’s about half the price compared to LastPass. Which isn’t open source. You can convert to/from basically all known password managers. Auto Fill works with Bitwarden and LOS, if you enable it in configuration. Even with the latest Firefox 57 (Mobile and Desktop). I can highly recommend Bitwarden! Are there any disadvantages? By default you don’t self-host, its relatively less known player than LastPass, and it was initially programmed in Windows-oriented programming languages such as .NET. Regarding LastPass, I am not sure that works with Firefox 57 (I know it worked with Firefox 56 and the current ESR). Password managers need to upgrade in order to work with Firefox 57 since its more strict on addons, and basically a new addon system is in place in 57. They had ample amount of time to port their addons, so if they haven’t yet they’re slacking. Not worthy of your money if you’re a paying customer, IMO.


I’m testing Keepass2Android with plugin KeyboardSwap for Keepass2Android now.
It seems to be working quite well. Still requires a few more taps than 1Password on iOS but I think it’s better than switching between apps and copy pasting login info.

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