19.08.1 .... update with a lot of troubles!

This morning I “updated” my phone to OS 19.08.1, but it’s been a bad matter!
My FP lost several functions:

  • the home function (the circle touch command in the bottom of the screen)
  • the open tasks function (the square command to the right of the bottom of the screen)
  • for the above-mentioned matters, I can’t navigate through the opened applications, I often have to restart my phone to reach the desktop
  • I can’t connect by WiFi
  • notification don’t work (i.e. to open the registration page for a free WiFi net)
  • several settings aren’t available, yet.
    I wish I didn’t update my FP, but, unluckly it happened… what could I do to resume it?

I can relate unfortunaly

Sounds like there is something broken around the SystemUI. A couple of follow-up questions:

  1. Is this Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open OS?
  2. Those home and open task buttons you mention, are they still shown? Or did they disappear altogether?
  3. Have you tried a manual (re-)install?
  4. Any customisations we should know about? Developer options? Custom launchers?

Thank you Roy for your reply.


  1. It’s 19.08.1 version of FP OS

  2. The buttons still appear, but they don’t work, I feel just the vibration on touch

  3. No, I didn’t try; really, I’m fear to face deeper troubles being not so skilled. How could I find some helping instructions?

  4. No customisation, neither developer option, I can’t do those!

Thank your for your help.

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Same happened to me :frowning:
Tried everything I can to repare, nothing helped… embarrassing
Without WiFi, its worthless

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Hi all,
After upgrading my FP2 ( Android 7.1.2) to Fairphone OS 19.08.1 , I experience problems connecting to wifi. I don’t seem to have the other problems you mention. Specifically the problem is as follows: My wifi when turned on doesn’t appear at the top of the opening screen. In the top (drawdown) menu it is shown with the question mark. If I open wifi in Settings ( Instellingen - in Dutch) it shows available wifi sources in the area. It recognizes my wifi. I have tried to ‘forget’ it and re-enter the password. I have closed down and restarted the phone. I have also tried to switch airplane mode on and off (as was suggested in relation to a similar problem some people had in december 2018). None of it works.


While I have experienced no issues after the update, my sister’s phone also has problems connecting to WiFi networks. It sometimes works, but often disconnects and will not reconnect again. If anyone finds a workaround, I’ll be glad to pass it on.

I experience exactly the same issues (FP2 OS 19.08.01), except that I luckily still can connect to WiFi. Four additional annoying problems I encountered though (there might be more):

  • Some shortcuts to apps on my screen no longer function. I can now only open those apps from the app folder.

  • When I swipe downwards (for example to turn on/off the Wifi) I only get to see the top “functions”, but no longer the other functions (location, flight mode, etc). And when swiping down a second time, I only get to see the previously selected function (meaning, after turning off WiFi I can not turn on my data connection, for example). Only after switching the screen off and then on again, I get to see and select the top functions again.

  • Battery saving can no longer be selected/turned on. When I tick the battery function, I only get to see to which percentage it is charged.

  • The names of my contacts in WhatsApp are no longer displayed; only there phone numbers.

The problem with WhatsApp I had also.
Make a backup in the WhatsApp app.
Then remove the account, remove the app and re-install WhatsApp.
When asked after installing say yes to restore the backup.
And all the names are back.

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The same for me, in addiction to that I said previously


For me the 19.08.1 update brought these troubles:

  1. Internal memory if full all of a sudden
  2. I get about 7 hours of battery life and I’ve recently replaced the battery
  3. non-responsiveness. Turning on, swithing/opening apps all talk a long time. The launcher regularly stalls and is reloaded.

Apart from that it is great! Although I did not see what was improved. lol

@theking2 : Similar problems here.

  • No longer charging, or charges eexxxtreeemely slowly (have switched chargers and batteries and cleaned contacts)
  • Changing apps is taking way too long. I haven’t looked into the memory.

In a lot of cases this tends to go sort itself out in a couple of days. Has something to do with how Android runs and optimises apps :-).

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How do i add a screeenshot here?


Positive update; some days ago I tried to reset my phone and it got well!
Just, I lost a lot of stored data (pictures, audio), I thought to have saved by backup (but I can’t find them!), but, after all, the phone, at now, is working well again, with 19.08.1 release of OS.
Maybe I was very lucky, I don’t know…
Thank you, my friends, for your precious suggestions.

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Thanks everyone, I had planned to update my FP2 tonight but have decided to put it off for a few days as my FP3 should be arriving any day anyway. My FP2 has enough issues without adding more on top!

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