15.1 Encryption disappeared


since the last update or the one two weeks ago it seems like my encryption disappeared. In settings it still says that phone is encrypted, but when the phone restarts or I switch off and on, I don’t have to type in my password anymore before the booting process is completed.

So is my phone still encrypted or not? And if not how can I get back my encryption?

Best leon

You can have encryption with a null passphrase. Somewhere in settings, security, there’s an option to “require your pin for starting”, exact wording escapes me right now…


Strangely I cannot find this Option and I had a passphrase before. In Settings>security>Encrypt Smartphone it says “Encrypted”. Tipping on that does nothing…. Some updates ago I still had to type the passphrase when booting. Now I just arrive at the login with the SIM-PIN with lineage fully booted.

You can try to set a new password or pin with https://f-droid.org/en/packages/cz.eutopia.snooperstopper/

This happens if you allow some app accessibility rights. Then the passphrase is “nulled”, but the phone is still encrypted

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