1.8 update killed my phone? (resolved)

I’ve just tried to upgrade to the 1.8 Kola Nut release. Phone was plugged in to charge via USB and at around 75%. After the upgrade downloaded, I granted superuser access, pressed Install… and the phone went off instantly, including the red charging LED. It now won’t turn back on at all - to all intents and purposes it appears dead. Holding down the power+volume up buttons for >10 seconds is also doing nothing.

Has the update bricked my phone completely? If so, what now? I’ve had it less than two months.

Take out the battery and press the power button for like 10 seconds. Maybe there is some waste energy stuck somewhere.

Have you tried unplugging your cable and then taking the battery out?

If it still doesn’t power on when you put the battery back in, I would suggest you contact Fairphone support directly

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Try charging your phone first (overnight). Updates require a lot of battery: if you did the updat with -let’s say- less than 50 procent battery, chances are high your battery is just completely ‘empty’.

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Sorry to post a new thread - I’m hoping you can merge/move it onto the end of the now-closed previous one. I was actually typing up my solution, but I edited the title to “resolved” first and you got in with the close before I could post it :smile:

Anyway - removing/replacing the battery didn’t work, but on a whim I tried removing the microSD card. After doing that the phone has powered on and resumed the upgrade, so fingers crossed everything will be fine now.

Thanks for the helpful and prompt replies!