1.4.2 wallpaper issue?

I’m on 1.4.2 (and have reinstalled this once). Sometimes when the phone has been asleep for a while, you click the power button and successfully swipe the unlock pattern, then the screen shows wallpaper (no icons) for a second before the screen blanks (black, but illuminated) and then relocks. This repeats each time I unlock (pattern unlock). After a couple of attempts at this, the next time you try to unlock it has reverted to the default wallpaper rather than the photo (my set wallpaper). The only way to get out of this loop is a reboot (then change wallpaper back to photo again). Never saw this on 1.3.6. I am using the same photo image as wallpaper as I have with both FP1 and FP2 since launch; all vanilla FP OS.

I never ever observed that issue. Sounds annoying! :frowning:

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