Zendesk pages improvements

I was skimming through some Fairphone-Zendesk-Pages and there were at least two things, which caught my attention.

The first one is this:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought proper English would be “What operating system (OS) does the Fairphone 2 run on?”

The second thing is in the topic Manually install Fairphone OS for the Fairphone 2. In approach 4 (“Flash the binary images from a computer”) it says:

3. Power off the device and take the battery out;
4. Boot the Fairphone 2 into the bootloader […]
5. Connect the Fairphone 2 to your computer;

This order of actions implies that one should firstly take out the battery, secondly boot the phone and thirdly connect it to the computer. Since I don’t see how this could make sense without a battery, I’d say the phone has to be connected to the computer before it can be booted into the bootloader. (Hence, 4 and 5 need to be swapped.)


Thank you @Trust! Much appreciated feedback :wink:

@anon73900052 is on it and will change this as soon as possible.


Wow, that was quick. :clap::grin:


Thanks for your suggestions! :smile:


So, will this order stay as-is or will 4 and 5 be swapped? I know this is a really unimportant thing, but I’d like to mark this thread as “solved”, but I’d firstly like to get a statement whether this will be changed or stay as it is.

Hey, it was updated already. We just removed the mention of the battery as it was not necessary.

As for closing this thread, it’s up to you, but maybe people find other mistakes or unclear statements that we can keep improving :wink:

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Makes sense. :thumbsup:

Well, are we talking about the same mention of the battery? :grin:

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Yeah, you got me… again.

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No worries. You’re welcome. :wink: