Yubikey (Fido2, NFC) does not work on Fairphone 5 (USB,NFC)

My Yubikey Fido 2 does not work on my new Fairphone5 (USB and NFC tested).
The yubikey works without problems on two lineageos devices and on a iphone.

Original OS, FF5.TT3Y.A.127.20231122

Someone here with the same issue or a solution?
Thank you in advance

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That’s strange, it works fine for me. Which app(s) did you try? For me it works fine with Firefox and the Yubico Authenticator.

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I’ve tried the yubico authenticator. It doesn’t recognize the nfs/usb device (NFC running, smartphone rebooted)

Which yubikey do you use (the newest fido2 version shows an “Y” on the golden nfc area, the last version shows a key symbol)?

I have the version from this spring with the key symbol on it.

I have the Yubikey 5 with NFC. But also the Yubikey Neo NFC works fine. Do you take into account the location of the NFC radio on the phone? It’s that bump on the battery. So you have to hold the Yubikey onto your phone in that area. Also check the settings of the Authenticator app, to be save, open the app first and then try to scan your key. Some settings are in Android and the app to set it up to always respond to your key (and you can also define the action).

You can also find out more with the internal testing tool of Fairphone. Open the “My Fairphone” app → tap the “Support” tab in the lower right corner → “Something else” → “Internal Testing Tool” → “Manu” → NFC. And then hold the key at the back of your phone where the battery is.

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