Your wake up call!

In general I agree with that, but when a username is chosen explicitly and obviously to make a point, then I don’t see why we cannot critique the method of delivering the point or the point itself. It would even be a form of censorship if we cannot since one could make a (political) statement through his or her nickname and silence any criticism on account of it being his nickname. That’s not a good way to go about it IMO.

True, it is @fp1_wo_sw_updates’s right to choose a nickname he likes just as it’s @Jerry’s right to criticize it. And then it’s @Stefan’s right to critcize @Jerry’s critique.If we are now going to talk about political correctness we should open a new topic. :smiley:


Thanks @Jerry for your - this time - precise, elaborate and sarcasmless contribution to the discussion. I guess I agree with you, if it weren’t for the quoted remark.

To make it clear: I do not demand an apolagy of FP and don’t think FP somehow is obligated to facilitate alternative OS. They are a company, of which I am thinking to buy their product. To buy their product or not is my decision and this decision can only be made on the basis of complete and precise information. Since I don’t want to be stuck with a smartphone with GAPPS, the discussion about alternative operating systems is a very interesting and relevant one for me. And since FPs track record is bad and the information they have published about this topic until now has been ‘incomplete’ to say the least. I am not buying a FP2 just yet. The only information I get is through the discussions on these forums with people that have more technical know-how than me. The contributions of @fp1_wo_sw_updates in this regard are very valuable.

Me and others discussing this topic are very much interested in buying a FP2, there simply isn’t anything like this available. ‘This’, meaning fair to producers of telephones. At the same time, there is not much available for smartphone-users who are concerned about privacy and free software. Since FP has formulated that their objective is to creating a developer-friendly software environment, my and others expectations are indeed very high in this regard. This is - potentially - the perfect phone: I am not hurting myself by giving up privacy and not hurting others by buying a phone of which the production process is unfair.

Like I said, I mostly agree with your last contribution. However, claiming that people who are discussing the possibilities of software freedom for the FP2 are misunderstanding what fairphone is about is quite arrogant. We don’t need to be ‘woken up’, we’re discussing as a result of doubts, bad experiences and a lack of information.

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Why is their track record “bad”? Because they do better than almost every other company?

It’s the remarks like this one that makes me think @Jerry (and others who have said the same thing before) is right…

Their track record is bad only in the way that ports of alternative OS-es has not been possible with the FP1.
I hope my contribution was not meant as an attack on FP. I was only explaining the increased discussion that @Jerry and others have criticized.

Also, there is much to look forward to.

I am hoping still very much to buy a FP2 before the end of the month!

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Sorry, too much kindergarten in here, I fear this will be my last post. But I will post information I get from the FP project about how they decided on the chipset and what code they will get from the OEM/Qualcomm.

Your impression is wrong and as you might will recall I’ve sent you a PM explaining that there is a difference between “total open source” (often called free software) and “as much open source as possible” so that a product can be supported correctly for a long time. I wrote:

“I’m not obsessed with the “all must be open” (esp. the fancy camera and stuff that will have patents involved), but a phone that fully depends on the OEM/chip setup manufacture can never be “fair” because it cannot be supported correctly. I wish the FP project would care more about this part = hire good coders.”

Have a good one and so long, “Jerry”. For those who think critics are bad for a project: The FP2 is a great phone, buy it if you really need one … or even as good … buy a used phone!

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@Jerry Thanks again for trying to push the discussion into a direction that is more aligned with FP’s main goals, even if it failed.

I’m closing this topic now. The discussion has run it’s course. @fp1_wo_sw_updates, @Jerry if you want to keep fighting please do so in PMs.