Your old phone is calling - it wants a new life

I actually looked at that guide to wipe data on my dumbphone that I gave to local recycling today :slight_smile:


Are there more details on what is being done with the old phones (functional or not)?

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Hey thanks for that. We are waiting for the report in 2017 and then I will be able to answer! Thanks


Can I recycle a phone which is locked to be used only with one company? (not unlocked)

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Thanks for the quick feedback.
The idea I have in mind is, that maybe local communities could collect these old phones and support people to wipe it before. At that instance we could inform them about the idea behind Fairphone (I think there is sufficient material available already, we should add about the recycling though) and show the devices. It might be a way to further spread the word.
The issue is of course that who wants to recycle his old phone usually already has a new one. So the introduction would be too late.
Therefore, business wise, it would be more effective if the resellers would offer this service.

I presume Fairphone would not mind if e.g. I came back occasionally with a box of phones to recycle?
I will try to discuss this topic in Munich during their next meeting. I’ll post a note in that thread.

Looking forward for that report.


In the Netherlands, is this program more responsible than passing it to Or are they basically equivalent?

Thanks for reminding me to clean out my messy drawer (ha, I wish it was only a drawer) responsibly!


@DietmarP the more you send, the more they’ll be used. If you send them in bigger packages this saves you S&H and saves them time receiving/unpacking.

Your waste is valuable. It can be (partly) reused, but it requires a little bit of effort on your side.

You can of course sell your working e-waste on regular channels which is great.

And you can also send your old smartphone or FP modules to Fairphone which is also great!

For other (e-)waste I can recommend kringloopwinkels (charity/thrift shops I suppose). Locally, we got Noppes here. If you got large products and don’t have a car (we don’t have one and generally don’t need one either), you can even make an appointment so they’ll pick it up. Though you could also rent a car (normal cars are not very good for the environment). Noppes are ANBI, meaning they’re akin to Public Benefit Organisation and non-profit. In this case (and many other cases as well), they employ people with disabilities who thereby function in society.

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Yes! They will try to wipe it and bring it back to factory settings. If that is not possible, then memory will be destroyed and the device will be recycled.


Hi there,

You probably mean which is the collection initiative of weee. The main difference is that WEEE is the local collective arrangement for eweaste in the netherlands and they only collect for recycling and do not refurbish.

I hope this helps!


My FP1 is still doing useful work, and I don’t mean as a doorstop or as a paperweight. I intend to use it as long as I can lay my hands on a new battery (we have three FP1s in our family).
But in a couple of years’ time, I’ll hope to remember.


Great idea! But what about Portugal? I think that it may be worth it extending the programme to this country.

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Hey, my newest phone I don’t use anymore was released in 2012. Is that too old? It is otherwise functional, except the battery is dead.

You should check the IMEI number on the link in the blog post whether it’s useful for Fairphone’s recycling program. If it’s not - likely, since my phone from 2013 was too old - then you are given suggestions for local recycling companies. I have sent my phone to one of them.


Do you forward phones onto organisations like the Rainforest Connection ( if they are suitable - a great way to give an old phone a new and productive new life.

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Hello. I tried to send my F1 last week, through “Your old phone is calling…” programme, but it seems an impossible task from Spain. Neither DHL nor Correos (where DHL send me to) wants to get my ‘DHL Retour package’. It seems there’s a coordination problem with your local contractors. Any help?

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Hi Vivian,

Thanks for your message. We will look into it immediately. Do you mind if we are in contact via email?

What was the exact reason DHL gave you? did you download a Free shipping label from our recycling website?

Please write to me to, thanks!


is there similar programs in bali or indonesia? :slight_smile:

Maybe you find some valuable info in this article:

Following the link to the National Environment Agency, I found this page:
Where to Recycle E-Waste
That page has an interactive map integrated, showing E-Waste Collection Points.

Furthermore you will find information on programs like

StarHub’s RENEW (REcycling Nation’s Electronic Waste) Programme

If you want to find specific information for Bali, please do some internet search.
And maybe that App is for you? Though I don’t know to what extent this covers e-waste.

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