'Your Fairphone for ...x months etc'

I have recently been given a refurbished FP2 which I love. But suddenly on switching on appears ‘Your Fairphone for 4 months, 0 weeks, 2 days’. I’ve had it less than a month. Any thoughts?

The widget displaying how long you own your FP was always quite buggy and Fairphone decided to drop it. You should upgrade to Android 6. Then the widget will be gone too.


Yes. This feature is abandoned with Android 6. So update to the latest version and you have one problem less. :wink:


Thank you. It did seem strange! Sorry but how do I upgrade?

You should have the Updater-App. When connected to a WiFi, open the app. It’s pretty much self-explanatory :wink:

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If the updater app doesn’t show an update then you’ll have to first update the updater app via the play store (or alternatively yalp).

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Thanks again. much appreciated. I’m clearly still learning!

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