Yay, the third Ubuntu Phone is on sale!

I use Ubuntu continously since years and it makes me happy to see the third Ubuntu Phone on sale:

Btw. I respect the desire for Sailfish, but Ubuntu on Fairphone would make me happy :wink: (Firefox and Sailfish as well, of course :slight_smile: )

What do you think?

I think people here will have ambiguous feelings towards it:

  • It is in the price range people here on the forum are willing to pay (300 Euro) but
  • it has an even larger screen than FP2


I very much like the design and the idea to have Ubuntu Touch on it. However a 5.36-inch screen isn’t what I’m looking for in a smartphone. I leave these phablets to those with something to compensate :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure this has been aired any number of times, but the Ubuntu OS has now been released on three phones, and set to be released on more in the not too distant future.

Whilst I’m a fan of Linux and Open Source software, I’m not so keen on the data-mining activities of Google. I’m sure I’m not the only Fairphone fan who would welcome the opportunity to buy an Ubuntu Edition Fairphone 2.


I moved your post here as it is very similar.

"By default, Ubuntu sends some of your information to third parties without asking you to opt-in. "
"Canonical “abused trademark law” to target a site critical of Ubuntu privacy"

Google and Canonical are similar. For both open source software is just a means. If you want long-term open source and privacy, keep searching.

The site fixubuntu is still only, because after all, Canonical was not so keen on abusing trademark law.

I would argue software in general is always just a means. And the Fairphone itself is, too. But that is an entirely different discussion!

I think it is great the Canonical and Ubuntu are pushing forward and offer an alternative. And i very much like some of their ideas. Ubuntu has been a stable os on my desktop for years.

I saw this artitcle today, describing both the relatively slow implementation process, as well as was already my impressio: Ubuntu is still not ready.

A good thing Fairphone 2 has “only” 4.96 inches :wink:

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4.96 inches is still closer to a phablet than a smartphone. Maybe it’s because I mainly write texts, emails and call people on my smartphone, but I do not need a very large screen. I can understand that people who watch videos, play games or spend a lot of time on the web would prefer a larger device. However, I firmly regret that we focus more and more on these uses.

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