Xbox One/S controller on fp3 (wired)


I own a Xbox One/S controller, and I would like to use it with my preferred phone :wink:

I paired it with the Bluetooth connection, and it works. BUT Bluetooth is too slow to be able to play.

So, I want to use it with an USBC cable.

When I plug the controller in, the controller vibrates, but there is no more reaction. GamePad tester doesn’t recognize it.

As my fp3 is rooted, I also installed the Magisk 1Controller module, with no more impact.

As the controller IS working in Bluetooth, what could be the reason why it is not working on USBC? (It is a working cable)

Thanks by advance.

An internet search suggests to update the controller software while the controller is connected to a computer, then try again.

Here’s how (I guess, I don’t have one) …

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