Worth buying a new battery?

I have a Fairphone 2. It works fine most of the time, a bit slow and sometimes it’s a bit buggy, but the main problem is the battery. I have to charge it at least two times a day and I’m not an extreme user.
My questions is: is it worth buying a new battery? The phone got its last update in August and it’s not very clear when the next one will be released. Also: how much will a new battery help?

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Depends on how old your battery is, and how you did care for it. Might indeed help alot.
A new update is in beta testing right now, if I’m not mistaken


That’s really difficult to say without a deeper analysis.
You might give the app AccuBattery a try to help you with the analysis.
In case it’s not the batteries fault :
A factory reset and new installation of all apps might also help. Or there might be one app using most of your power…
Even an alternative OS might help…


I had a similar issue and bought a new battery which did not help at all. Since they’re not cheap I would recommend trying to figure out if there might be another issue before you spend money on it. I bought a new bottom module (needed) at the same time but there is now another problem to the extent that I’m thinking of getting a new phone so really wishing I hadn’t spent money on this one!


Thanks for your answers.
My phone is quite old and so is the battery. I got it from a friend who had had it for a while so I guess in this case a new battery will help. But I will of course check with the recommended app.
Also, for a while I had Fairphone Open installed, something that improved the battery time. Sadly I need several apps from Play Store so that OS isn’t an option for me.

You can use the Aurora store app to install play store apps using FP Open. You can find Aurora in F-Droid.

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