Worst Phone Ever

So have had my fair phone 2 for less than a year, at first everything was great, but then came all the issues. My first phone started randomly rebooting and sending multiple text when only trying to send one. Contacted support and they were great! I was given a new phone with a better camera which was great! But now every once in a while the camera doesn’t work and I have also noticed phone slow downs even when I only have one app open. My general consensus is that I wish I had done more research into fair phone and not jumped onto the ethos and fair trade ban wagon! To be honest this has been a waste of my time and money and what I really wanted to do with the phone, for instance keep it alive and save the planet etc I won’t be doing. I will be doing the complete opposite and get a phone that actually works that is non ethical! Needed to write this so no one else falls into this trap that is fail phone!


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Did you still have your FP2 ? Did you search for solutions to your phone’s problem in the forum ? About the camera did you check the screws of the camera module ? About the slowness: did you check for background running app (e.g. with BetterBatteryStat(BBS)); did you try a factory reset ?


You chose the wrong forum, this is only for people who actually seek help. You don’t.

And, by the way, this behaviour is not very mature.


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