Word modification proposal, FP 1U

i searched for the topic but don´t find something about it.
when i write a message (sms, threema or something else) i get some word modification proposal. when i want to tip on one modification proposal it opens sometimes another menu. there i can choose some more words, but not the one i had chosen before. what do i wrong? sometimes it works, but often not.
thank you for your help.

The feature you are looking for is called “auto correct”. You should read the following topic, hopefully it helps you understand this feature (it seems a bit arbitrary at times…):


Tap on it again, that should do the trick.

The link given by Stefan above should solve it I think (in a word : consider long-tapping the right word)
FWIW, in my case I didn’t install GAPPS since my last system update and apparently this ‘too sensitive’ behavior does not happen again -keyboard is not the same…


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