Won't receive texts

Hi. My Fairphone 2 will send texts (Messages) but won’t receive any. I have updated to OS 19.02.1 Help!

Does the text messaging app in question - which may be of of, but not limited to, “Messages”, “Signal” or “QKSMS” - “SMS” permission privilege?


If you have a multi SIM you have to enter a GSM code to switch the card in your phone to your main card. Only main cards can receive SMS.



Thank you for replying but I don’t understand what you mean.


Hmm, I want to find out if we’re talking about the same thing and find out the reason for your experience. It is quite surprising that the phone would not receive text messages (sms) by itself. I rather expect some reason for it.

One reason could be that you have installed a different app for short messages aka text messages or SMS service, like popular QKSMS, or a messenger like Signal which proposes itself as SMS client. Of course, you can still use your standard SMS app to send messages, but upon receiving, you can’t see them in this app any more, but in the other app. Another possibility was you went into Settings -> Apps and disabled the SMS right for your messaging app or to the android system or the like.

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Still won’t work. Phone Coop is sending me a new sims. They say I have to makes sure I have my contacts saved to the phone, not to the Sims so when I get the new sim I won’t lose my contacts.
How do I know if I have contacts saved to phone and not sim?

I can’t receive texts. I can send them but not receive them.
I tried *#*#4636#*#* There was nothing written where the SMSC is. I put in the code I was given but it doesn’t stay there.

I’m getting really annoyed. It’s been like ths for months. i don’t understand phones or tech. and am just doing what I’m told but it isn’t working.

It’s not very intuitive territory there. This text field can be empty, and the SMSC the phone uses can be fine nonetheless.

First use the “REFRESH” button, this will put the SMSC the phone currently uses into the field, or “refresh error” if there is none.
After the phone number of the SMSC there might be an added number given, separated by a comma. This is harmless.
You can check whether it is the correct SMSC by comparing it with the number your provider gave you.

If you decide to enter a different number here, you will have to confirm your input with the “UPDATE” button next to the field, else it will not be adopted by the phone.

If you use two SIM cards, be aware that the setting here only affects SIM slot 1.
If you want to apply it to the second SIM, you would have to put your second SIM into slot 1 beforehand.

If your SMSC turns out to be correctly entered, there’s more to be found in this forum with the search function:


If you have never been able to receive texts on your FP2, did you use an iPhone before?

Thanks. I used to receive texts up until two moths ago. i’ve never had an iphone.

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ok, then I’m afraid I cannot give any advice.

Thanks for the reply.

When I hit refresh it gives me the right number. But it still isn’t wroking.

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