WLAN Connection

Hi, unfortunately I do not manage to activate the WLAN connection in Fairphone 3 - If I want to receive messages via signal or whatsapp I always have to activate the mobile data, which would be not really necessary, right? My Router is a Fritz Box. Thanks for any hint… best, beate

Are you not able to activate WLAN or to connect to the router?

FRITZ!Box klingt nach Deutschland, Du könntest dann auch in Deiner Muttersprache schreiben, wenn es zutrifft und Du möchtest.

I have also a FritzBox and no problems at all with WhatsApp messages nor calls. No experience with Signal however.

Two comprehension-questions:
You can activate WLAN on FP3?
You achieve connection to FritzBox?

Zwei Verständnis-Fragen:
Du kannst das WLAN am FP3 aktivieren?
Du erreichst eine Verbindung zur FritzBox?

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