WLAN 802.11n with 5GHz

Since all our wirelessly connected devices at home experienced severe hickups lately I changed the router’s WIFI settings to only use 5GHz after I checked that all the devices support 802.11n including the fairphone. But now the fairphone would not find the router anymore. Do I have to explicitly turn on 5GHz on the fairphone?

Hi @enie!

The Fairphone, like most smartphones sold at that time, does not support 5GHz Wifi.

802.11n support is not the same a 5GHz support. The 802.11n Standard is mostly known for the introduction of 5Ghz, but can still operate on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz (See Wikipedia), so a device like the Fairphone can be 802.11n compliant and only operate on 2.4GHz. This is actually the case with the Fairphone, see the specs, as with many other devices as well.


Thanks @ben!

guess I kind of misunderstood that 2.4 “and” 5. More like in 802.11n does support both, not like can support either.

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