Wireless headphone mesh replacement

Hi there. I have some of the Fairphone wireless headphones, and I love them! I have a few issues others reported, e.g. I had to turn off hands free calling as it was too easy to accidentally phone somebody when I meant to skip tracks, but otherwise a big fan. I call them my ‘Fairpods’.

However, I have a problem I’ve not seen elsewhere in the forum. I have lost the little circular mesh guards that prevent wax and dust getting inside them. Don’t ask me how I did that - it’s a equally boring and embarrassing story involving me trying to clean them and an open window - but long story short, they are gone and need some replacements.

Does anyone happen to know what size the mesh circles are? There are a bewildering amount of replacement options online, and my attempt to measure the headphones themselves are inconclusive.

Any guidance from the community is greatly appreciated!


Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you’ll find out more on this path, but wanted to mention that a while ago, some people seem to have found out the actual producer of Fairphone’s TWS earphones. Maybe that gives you more information to track down parts information.

Other than that, Fairphone recently informed that they are planning to offer some individual elements of the TWS earphone set in their spare part shop. However, I would rule out that this will include such tiny parts – most likely they will only offer the complete case and individual R or L earbuds and/or the silicone buds.


Thanks very much for both the advice and the kind welcome!

I also saw reference to the secret producer back when I was in my obsessive research phase pre-purchase. I wasn’t able to find any more specs for them, but did watch a few videos by a friendly sounding YouTube on how to replace them with a larger ribbon of mesh.

I’ll continue my search elsewhere and post again if I find a solution, in case anyone comes across this thread with the same issue in future.


Hi all - in case you ever have the same problem, 4mm mesh replacements seem to fit very nicely. They can be bought very cheaply off ebay etc!


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