Wireless charging in the FP2?

Forgive me if this has been asked elsewhere. Could the open extra expansion port be adapted into a wireless charger worked into the case, as has been previously achieved with Jolla phones and their “Other Half” backing?


In my opinion, wireless charging still has too many disadvantages. The way it is done as of today uses a lot of coils and electronics, all of which can fail, all of which need space and make the phone heavier.
Also, the efficiency of wireless charging is around 85% which does not make it a very sustainable way of charging the phone.
Probably the most important factor is that the charging speed is reduced significantly.
On top of everything, everybody already has plenty of USB chargers at home. Then, we’d also need to buy a charger.
Another downside might be that wireless charging is an absolute killer for any battery as I read online. Because there is waste heat produced, during the charging (which is a hard task for the battery already) it even gets heated from the outside as well.

I think if we wanted to make a waterproof phone that might be a consideration.


Would be nice if you would have tried the forum search before:
results here and here
Bottom line: COULD be possible, but no news until now available (as in general for specific usage of the expansion port)!
Cheers, Robert

Let me defend @Ed_Bycroft. I searched the forum in advance as well because I was sure, it was been discussed before but I couldn’t find anything…

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I got 13 results: https://forum.fairphone.com/search?q=wireless%20charging