Win10 as OS on Fairphone 3 possible?

Hi there! I was quite satisfied with my FP1. Unfortunately it had a bluescreen of death. I would buy a fairphone again - but only if I had the possibility to use Win10 on it. Best regards phila

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Hellz Naw!

Joking aside: Windows is non-free software so Fairphone would have to pay a lot of money to Microsoft, sign shady contracts with them and basically sell their soul to Bill Gates and the demand is not high enough for them to consider doing so.


If you want to see what happens if a small mobile phone company makes business with Microsoft then have a look at Sendo and what good it did for them! The Sendo X was my very first Smartphone and I was very excited to see the X2, which never made it to production…

Ah well, finally I got something much better now! :slight_smile:

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Thx for your oppinion. Unfortunately Android - at least if you want to use the google - store seems not to be much better. In fact I utterly despise it to stick with those “don`t be evil guys” and all their data snatching. This is why I did not buy Fairphone 2.

P.S.: Other small companys seem to get along with MS -> Switch phone says they`ll ship “fair” with “win10” Yet I D´love to return to FP. Even though FP1 hardly held 2 years…

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Do you mean Shift phone? The company that never was able to get a serious reply to questions concerning fairness and production? For a sad read hop over there: (german only)
Not sure if I’d trust them with bringing together the words “fair” and “Win10”…

[quote=“phila-delphia, post:4, topic:16453”]
all their data snatching
[/quote]Be aware, that data snatching is all the same with Google, Microsoft and Apple. Android is the OS, where it is easy to avoid spreading of data. Better is only a phone with a pur Linux-OS (not from Ubuntu, they gather data as well).



@2IRS: Yes,I read about this. And I am not sure either. I’d not buy from them if they are not able to give some proof of their efforts. Anyhow people were arguing over FP’s fairness as well. So let’s see.

As to what Spielmops said: If it really is all the same, as you state, I’d like to have the choice between Skylla and Charybdis.

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MS is now mostly a software as a service company (bots, search, software like Office). The last thing I remember about MS phones after they bought Nokia is that they cut thousands of jobs. The edge browser is pretty good … but people that visited the build conference say that they don’t even talk about MS phones anymore. Technical, it is possible. Qualcomm supports W10 on the SD801. Maybe there is a way to get an HTC W10 up and running on a FP2. But I don’t see any benefits doing that.

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