Will there be a simple FP?

hello, even if it means making a phone that respects the environment and data people.
are there any plans to build a simple phone
as was the Nokia 3210?
without tv, without 5G, without wifi, without GPS, removable battery …
Something that is only used for making calls and at worst sending and receiving sms but no more.
So when is it for ?? :wink:

Just fiddled with the title a bit, but sadly I imagine never is the answer.

So many people want different things and Fairphone with it’s small resources is not in a position to develop another phone. Very few people would probably want one and it would be economically unviable.

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So I assume you are talking about a dumbphone, yes put intelligence back into the users mind to where it belongs - I’m fully with you !! :grimacing:


When mass production of such goods for an educatedly guessed and/or manipulatively created target audience ends and individual automated 3D assembly begins, meaning it only needs a design of a product and feasibility for its production on an automated assembly facility for which it doesn’t matter what gets produced, so everything gets built to order, regardless of the number of orders (in reasonable bounds, but starting with 1).

Of course this constrains product designs to certain raw materials and certain capabilities of the assembly, so probably many things and solutions of today will need to be adapted or re-thought for this.

Think some kind of universal 3D printing and robotic assembly, which would be capable of building your desired phone (which somebody designed) from some defined plastic, metal, sand and whatnot.

You asked :wink: .

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This is kind of like a boomer argument for me. The fact that you have a device in your pocket that lets you access almost the entire knowledge humanity has ever produced and talk to almost everyone in the world in an instant is amazing. It’s just that many people aren’t capable of responsibly using this device.

@Nytt They probably won’t produce a feature phone, because almost no one uses them anymore (not even my grandparents and their friends). But I’m sure you can get one second hand on ebay or your countries version of it, that would still be a lot better than buying a new one :slight_smile:


Sure, I partially do agree with you Sir!

So that’s your argument now, hm? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Why this? …aren’t capable… did their capabilities went lost somewhere or were there any at all at some time?

From your statement I tend to derive that having such a sophisticated device available does not automatically imply being in hands or pockets of some individual knowing how to make proper use of all provided options, puh eloquent speak is exhausting. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Can we leave it that way Sir?

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Wow! a nice response but I’m not sure I understand but very colourful.

I mean we could just a simple black and white phone, but that doesn’t seem to be the way consumers are going, and businesses and consumers are so entwined.

Colour and diversity are the order of the day.


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Yes, you name it, colour. Hopefully there will be more in time, maybe some different bumper or back plate. I really miss more colours. The green and sprinkled did not meet my taste at all, so now it’s going to be grey. But surely some day I will miss my turquoise FP2… :disappointed_relieved:


You mean a “fair dumbphone? I guess the answer is no, since this is a very small market niche. And phone OEMs aren’t non-profits.

Best wishes,

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These two factors (phone call over 2G or 3G / SMS and privacy) are mutually exclusive.

Sci-fi today, but if we ever get there we’ll have saved ourselves and the planet, by getting rid of the market economy that drives waste and pollution, and using our shared knowledge intelligently.

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I love Star Trek with a synthesiser but it won’t help sustainability just allow people to hide their insecurities and need to dominate.

OFF topic we shall go where no one dares to go.

Knowledge that is shared is not knowledge at all but consumer co-operation.

Yes it’s this !!! thanks You.

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I see that the race is fierce.
and that for some going into the wall and grilling as quickly as possible the resources on earth becomes a priority that passes over everything else.

The fairphone ethic would therefore be dictated by consumeris.

yes a responsible eco phone, yet there is a community looking for this kind of small phone and they are growing.

Thank you for your answers and the debate.

il y a un peu d’incohérence.
Faire un téléphone éco responsable ok. Mais suivre les autoroutes de la consommation tracées par le dicta de la consommation est quelque part paradoxal.
enfin c’est mon ressenti.
J’aurais bien vu dans la gamme un téléphone simple, sans GPS, sans wifi, sans xG, sans grand écran. un little dumbphone yes !

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