Will the spare parts for the FP2 be discontinued?

Hi! Firstly I just wondered whether it would still be possible to buy extra spare parts and repair your FP2 even after the model is discontinued :sunny:

My second question is whether the new FP2 has got 2GB or 32GB internal memory. Sorry, I don’t understand flash memory… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot anyway

This is a community forum, so don’t expect answers from the Fairphone team, but - even though I don’t presume to speak for Fairphone - I believe I can answer your question: I’m sure they will make sure spare parts are available as long as possible and they will do their best to make it possible for longer than with the FP1.
The problem is that once a product is no longer sold you don’t need very large amounts of parts anymore and most producers refuse to produce small amounts because it doesn’t pay off.
Fairphone can’t magically make this problem go away, but they are still trying to find ways to continue producing FP1 spare parts and probably learned a lot that can be done better with the FP2.

About the 2nd question:
The 32GB are the hard drive, where you store your files and apps (and the operating system and …).
The 2GB are the RAM, where the system caches files you are using atm to speed up processes.

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My friend… I think you should become a manager.
Yeah, it sounds reasonable and thank you for explaining the memory issue.
A good day to you :smile:

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