Will the FP2 with regular back cover return to the store?

Hello everyone,

Some time ago I decided I wanted to buy a Fairphone, but didn’t immediately order one. Today I finally wanted to place my order, but I noticed the regular Fairphone, without rounded edges and in a simple black color, isn’t available anymore. Is this Fairphone model gone forever, or is it only temporarily unavailable?

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It’s gone. The former regular cases were discontinued by Fairphone because they came apart too quickly (about after a year judging by forum posts).


More about the issues and Support replacements in the following thread:

I myself had to ask for a replacement three times until I got a slim cover. Thus I think the Fairphone move is a good one for consumers, and more because of the high temperatures we are getting all over Europe in the Summer.

Edit: You can maybe get a new FP2 with a regular back cover in the unofficial #market:offered, here in the forum, like this:

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