Will the Fairphone 2 work in Australia

Mines currently working well in Australia, using the Optus network. I get 4g too. :slight_smile:

I can add to the chorus of satisfied Fairphone 2 users in Australia. I’m with Virgin (Optus network) and have been using mine for a few weeks now and everything seems to work as it should. (I don’t get 4G, but that’s because I’m still on my old 3G plan.)

Thanks to @retrovertigo, @moomaniser and the other earlier contributors to this thread who gave me the confidence to buy one and get it shipped via a friend in Austria!


Thanks @Myles for sharing your experience.
I’m still holding on to my five-year old phone and hoping that the Fairphone will be officially made available to Australia so I can buy with full warranty and support. But you’ve given me the confidence to perhaps not wait… (if only the AUD was a bit stronger).

Us Australians do want a fair phone that’s built to last!

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Hi everyone. I’m in AUS and keen to purchase a Fairphone 2 also. Excellent to hear feedback that it’s compatible. Can anyone head me in the direction of how to organise mail redirection? Are there specific companies? And would I still need to have it sent to a residential or business address in UK or EUR prior to redirection request? Sorry - no idea how this works at all. Any tips appreciated. Many thanks

Hi Marini,

I live in Australia and have been using the FairPhone 2 since pre-orders arrived. Work’s fine here but delivery was a bit of an issue. Fortunately I had some friends in Europe and was able to have my order posted there, and they sent it on to me. This is the only way to get the FairPhone into Australia to my knowledge!
PS be aware some European countries will not permit postage of phones - Germany for instance!

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Did likewise and had a friend from Europe post mine to me at the beginning of this year. Work’s a treat on Australian networks (I’m Vodafone), although the FF2 model (or at least my handset) has had a few teething issues (constantly freezing & resetting)

Thanks so much Levi!

I can order a phone without problems in a German online shop without problems - and it will be sent from Germany. Where should Germans buy their phones otherwise?

Oh sorry, that wasn’t clear in my last post. What I meant is that you can’t walk into a postage outlet and post a phone from Germany. When mine arrived with my friends in Germany, they went to post it and were told it’s a prohibited item for postage. I’m not sure if that’s consistent around Europe, I only mention it as a heads up
Fortunately I had a friend visiting earlier this year and she just picked it up and brought it back to Australia with her (carried it on the plane no less!)

Indeed DHL (German link) states that sending Lithium-Ion batteries is prohibited because they are classified as a “dangerous good” in international transportation contracts.

Alright, buying a Fairphone is now on my todo list.

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Hi all,
I recently received my new Fairphone and its working great in Australia.
I’m with Virgin and I did have a hickup getting mobile data.
I had to set up the APN manually but I also had to make a change from Virgin’s settings, I just had to leave the proxy blank and it worked fine.

I will be in Australia in three weeks. I ordered an Australian simcard @ ebay. So I will reply soon in this case.
This is what I ordered: http://www.ebay.de/itm/142024988146?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Just wanted to add my experience to the list:

I’m currently in Adelaide and the FP2 works just fine. I use an Australian Vodafone SIM (set to 4G/3G/2G) and a German Vodafone SIM (roaming, set to 2G only). 4G data works fine with the Australian Vodafone SIM (sometimes switches to 3G). Tethering (portable hotspot) also works. The Vodafone AU APN settings were configured automatically.


Same here: just willing to share my experience:
I’m in Sydney for almost a year. I’ve got a French SIM card+ Vodafone SIM (4G) both work perfectly!
The only issues that I have, is that, probably due to quite highly changing weather (mainly moist and really hot this year), the soft black plastic layer that is around the phone is currently kinda ‘expending’, and pulls appart from the case (mainly where the volume buttons are). I’m trying to glue it back, but it won’t last long I guess.
Any tips on that?
I was intended to buy a new case, but we currently can’t ship any FP products to Australia, right? Any FPhoners are going soon to Sydney :)?

More people have been experiencing this, and Fairphone have been replacing them under warranty:

the main issue is, as you’ve pointed out, figuring out how to get a replacement to Australia, as it is outside of the region defined in territoriality clause and Fairphone can’t/won’t ship there.

Woohoo I’m in Adelaide too with a working simcard since April 2016 in my Fairphone2 :slight_smile: I am with a weird company that uses Optus network, which works fine.


Amaysim? That’s good to hear, since I’m with them too.

(Also /necro.)

FP2 working for me in Brisbane. I’m with Telstra (Telstra suuuucks!) and am getting 4G and 2G reliably. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some 3G and H+ as well.