Will Sailfish OS be officially supported on the FP2?

Hey, I stumbled over the following conversation on twitter: https://twitter.com/Fairphone/status/719470603779092481. Here are the most notable tweets:

First people getting their feet wet with #SailfishOS on #Fairphone2. Not supported yet, but we’re very excited!

@Fairphone Can I buy an Fp2 now, and later flash it with commercially supported Sailfish, or should I wait?

@andybranson Yes, you can do that.

@Fairphone Am I reading that there will be an officially supported version including SFOS commercial parts? // @andybranson

@reviewjolla I might have to be a bit cautious here and ask @andybranson to wait a little longer. I can not guarantee this will be the case

First, it seems that there will be an officially supported Version of Sailfish OS (SFOS) including the commercial parts, which I think would be amazing! However, it seems that you’re not sure yet whether it will be possible to flash it on the Fairphone 2 afterwards. A subtle detail that is very important to fans of SFOS that want to buy the device now and play around with the SFOS community port. Can you please clarify this matter so that potential buyers know what they buy or can cancel their order (as me, for example).
Additionally, I think if you can guarantee that the offically supported SFOS can be installed on all FP2 devices, there will be more buyers from the SFOS community now already.



Including the commercial parts : Do you mean this OS is commercial and must be bought ?

I’m slightly confused as to what your question is. Are you asking:

  • Whether Sailfish will be officially supported by Fairphone?
  • Whether the Sailfish port will have certain licensed components?
  • Whether the community port can actually be used?

The last one is the easiest to answer:

The others may be discussed in any of the other Sailfish topics, but if you need an official answer, I suggest contacting Fairphone support directly. The forum is a community effort, and though staff occasionally respond on the forum, they don’t read everything (and no, the community moderators are not Fairphone staff).

From the the tweets I understood that there will be a version of SFOS with the certain licensed components for the FP2. My question is whether it will be possible to flash such a version on your device.

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I was only very basically wondering if you can get SailFish for free, or if you need to pay to get it.
Or do you need to pay for some optional components like apk compatiblity ?

@jaymanu: I originally intended to reply to @stefanhgm, but I think you’re both asking about different aspects of the same basic question:
Will there be access (free or otherwise) to licensed components in Sailfish.

Maybe this is something that @Douwe can shed some light on.

@stefanhgm I got the impression that you are talking about the Fairphone team, when you say “you”. The Fairphone Forum is mainly a community forum, where we, as the community, can discuss. Official responses from Fairphone employees are very rare and you cannot expect someone from the Fairphone team to answer your questions here on the forum.

As @Johannes suggested, you should contact Fairphone support to receive an official answer.

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I may be on the wrong lead here, but my interpretation of the quoted discussion is that it is about if Jolla would make the Sailfish OS for the FP2 an official port.

For now, Sailfish is “only” a community port! To my understanding, making it an official Jolla port would be necessary to solve some license issues in order to be able to ship Sailfish with Alien Dalvik (which allows to run Android Apps on Sailfish). To my knowledge there has been a discussion (can’t find the link now) that Sailfish could become such an official port for FP2 (but with official meaning the Jolla side).

But I didn’t follow everything closely, that is my understanding of the current situation - which lead to my above mentioned interpretation.


Yes, this is the case.

We hope to be able to have SailfishOS one day as one of the official OS’s for Fairphone 2. And we are working towards that goal. But we can not yet guarantee we will be able to make it happen. Especially the license part needs to be resolved.


Great to have your reply here @Douwe, thanks! I joined this forum a while ago to follow your great community activity and maybe help in Sailfish OS related questions. To those by @jaymanu :

Do you mean this OS is commercial and must be bought ?

Part of the features in Sailfish OS are commercial, requiring a license. Sailfish OS for Fairphone 2 has been so far distributed as an unofficial community port, lacking these commercial parts:

  • Alien Dalvik by Myriad (for running Android apps)
  • HERE Maps app by Appello Systems (location services by Nokia)
  • XT9 by Nuance communications (text prediction tool)
  • Exchange Active Sync by Microsoft (MS Exchange account sync)

I was only very basically wondering if you can get SailFish for free, or if you need to pay to get it.
Or do you need to pay for some optional components like apk compatiblity ?

The community port is free (guide to install here), but the commercial parts needs to be separately licensed. Whether this will be the case, I guess the interest in both of our communities plays an important role too. Maybe share the knowledge to help to reach that goal


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I just run in to that…


I am really curious about this part:

Dr. Saarnio comments: “We are soon announcing the program officially, but what I can say already now is that it will include a special device related treat for our fans. I personally can’t wait to announce it! Our team is tweaking the offering now –look out for the announcement in a few weeks.”

Let’s see what it means :slight_smile:


I changed the name of this topic as it’s not about how you can flash Sailfish OS.


That was Jolla C.

LVPVS out.

Yeah, it was Jolla C, not Fairphone or even Turing phone.

Are there any news regarding official SFOS port? Any status update? Please? :slight_smile:

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There is a poll on Twitter:

I don’t use Twitter but you can count 1 more willing to buy a Fairephone with SFOS.

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I also do not use twitter (or Facebook), so why do Fairphone do not also ask here at there forum?
I have a Fairphone2 (bought it as it rumors SailfishOS will be ported).
So i do not buy a second one, but i will pay for the support and the licence.


Here at the jolla blog there is some information about SailfishOS support for Fairphone2.

Listen to the video of the keynote ;-).