Will Sailfish OS be officially supported on the FP2?

Fairphone can’t release anything commercially without documentation and support because, I guess, people have a right to have these things in the EU… :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I wonder how different can documentation and support be from other phones? I mean Intex has to provide support for their phone too. Maybe a joint venture wirh Intex is possible where resources are shared in return of a much smaller investment on behalf of Fairphone/Jolla.


Intex has released Aqua Fish for the Indian Market.
I think, they have no documentation at all. :slight_smile:
They have other rules there, than we in EU. They can sell anything without support.
They have no official retail channels.
They sell the Intex Aqua Fish over ebay.
They have no official support.
Nobody would answer you, if you write an email to support@intex.in :slight_smile:

Well, Jolla / Fairphone can sell the Alien Dalvik as an “Developer Project” which would cover only the licence and management costs.
They can offer minimal support, which is required by the EU rules.
And the user can tick an agreement, when he buy Alien Dalvik in Fairphone shop, that he/she buy an Developer Project, without full support and if he/she has questions he/she can ask them in the forum.




If that would be so easy to just let the documentation aside, it would already be done…

When you want to have the Phone sold in Germany with SF OS you need every little sh…t documented and that also translated in german (and other languages of the EU).

A missing declaration of conformity, a missing CE Certificate and a missing manual in a german language!! got my ordered Intex aqua fish back to india (together with my now lost money).

There is no chance you can get something in a european country without all the paperwork.


Not entirely true.
If the software is sold separately and without warranty, there should be no major problems.
For example a lot of crowdfunded projects lack all of the mentioned.
The problem starts, when you want to sell it via official channels.

Edit: Furthermore there is no need for the purchase to be governed by German law, also there is a huge difference between soft- and hardware purchases.

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Well i can confirm that. But only for Germany and only for Hardware-Products
Die Vorschriften bremsen den Fortschritt. :frowning:

Software is another story, here we (who lives in Germany) have a bit more luck :slight_smile:

But all the necessary certifications and documents for the hardware are already available. The same is true for the software! We are talking about third-party products that have to be payed for, nothing else.
I am a professional software architect dealing with exactly the same problems every day, but on a much larger scale (enterprise software), here in Germany. When nothing is available half a year after the announcement of collaboration, it seems nothing has been done at all. That’s the statement.


Its bitter but probably true…


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Just some naive questions as I am not a developer and don’t know much about this:

  • How much man-work does it take to update Fairphone Open OS every month?
  • Are the updates as frequent with Sailfish?
  • Who would do the updates for Sailfish (would Fairphone have as much work or would they get a clean package easy to update)?

I was just wondering about that because Sailfish would be more expensive at the beginning (Alien Dalvik), but if updates aren’t needed as often and if the updates aren’t as big (= don’t need as many hours for a developer), maybe it would be cheaper in the end (and less dependant from Google’s updates).


Sailfish push Updates every 2-3 month, what is not bad for a young OS.
Fairphone push updates for FairphoneOS (Android GMS) and Fairphone Open (AOSP) every 1-2 month, because of the Android security and stability patches.

Both companies do their jobs good, Fairphone has only 4 Devs (what i know) and with this limited Manpower this is really good.
FP2 is an amazing device, but it is not perfect. With this resources and updates speed it would take some month / years? until it becomes stable enough…

I think, Fairphone build an amazing phone, Jolla made an amaizing OS. That seems logic, that they should do things together…


Being I’m software development myself, I realized that things are always more complicated than they seem: You ask for a official port. Obviously, that has to supported (even if only providing most basic documentation) and developed. Even if there were financial resources, which we don’t know, Fairphone would probably need a Develop to work on the OS if relasing the OS officially. Sailfish is a pretty niche OS, even finding a decent Android or iOS developer is hard these days. And yes, I know Sailfish is Linux based. Still, finding a developer being able to take care of that port professionally will be a challenge on it’s own.

Given there has been no official announcement, I would guess we are really month or even a year away from a final release, if that ever happens.

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A new year but the same dream!


Add me as one more voice who is still waiting for a Fairphone with officially supported Sailfish OS! When that is released, I will buy one in a heartbeat. I don’t care about any of the other selling points, and I would not buy an Android device in a million years. In the past I’ve had 3 Nokia N900’s, one N9 and one N950. I have had a Jolla 1 since the start, and right now I have a Jolla C and a backup Intex Aqua Fish, but I will be first in line for a Sailfish Fairphone - even if it is built with conflict minerals by starving African child slaves! Alternatively I’ll buy the Finnish PuzzlePhone, but that seems to be a long way off, still…

In any case, am I the only one seeing the hypocrisy in making a supposedly “fair” phone, and then letting it be powered by an OS made by the most evil company in the world - Google?

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well, FP is more about fair hardware and much less about fair software. And these are different points.
And you should care about where hardware is coming from, about ecology and pollution and slavery and other stuff… it’s not all about you and your personal data, you know.
But it also saddens me a lot that i can not use official SF build on FP. I don’t want to use Adnroid and it’s really hard sometimes without official SF support. It’s like sophie’s choice=(


Do you know Fairphone Open?


oh come on=) everyone here knows it! But it’s still android. And many android applications depend on google services

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What’s so bad about AOSP? Sailfish OS itself uses AOSP code, if I’m not mistaken. PS.: I’m running my phone without Google Services.

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Stefan, the Problem is, we want a real Linux OS on the Phone. Android AOSP is a bit better than Android with GMS, but it is still Android. It uses Linux Kernel, but it is still not a real Linux OS.

If you ever had a Nokia N900, Nokia N9, maybe Nokia N950, Jolla Phone… You will understand it.
We want a full Linux. Not just Android with an Linux Kernel


No, I only had a Nokia C5 that I used for about half a year because the rest of the year it was in “reparation” (three times!), and they could not fix the trashy phone… :sweat_smile: That was my reason for buying the FP1… :wink:

I have played around with Sailfish OS on the FP2 and it wasn’t very useful in my opinion…

Which Linux functionality are you missing in Android?

Well, you are not using Linux on your PC, or am i wrong? :slight_smile:
Linux give an advanced user not only the ability to use (consume) the apps, which other people have created.
Linux give the ability to create something by yourself. And I am not a software Developer!

With Linux you can repair (and also brake) anything you want. Sky is the only limit.
Of course, this is not for everyone, but People, who crying loud for official SailfishOS Support, you can’t fascinate them with Fairphone Open. A normal 08/15 user - maybe. But not us, mature Linux freaks…

This is ok, that you did’n find SailfishOS very usefull, its depends on what you want to do with you phone.
I bought FP2 not because its Fair and ethical, but because its easy repairable and open.

This aspects are important for me - for you can be other aspects important. Its ok. All people are different.
All i want to say - if we would be fascinated with Fairphone Open - we would never cry for official Sailfish Support. We want to have a real Linux Computer in the pocket. Taht is our dream, and we live this dream…
Who knows, maybe we will get with FP2, Maybe not. Maybe with FP5 or any other company…

lets look…


No, I’m on Windows 10, but I have used Linux. And I would happily change to Linux if there was AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator on it… I often curse Windows for not being intuitive.

Still, I don’t see what I can’t do in Android. There is a terminal emulator and Busybox. With root you can modify any file. There are a lot of modifications, such as Gravity Box and Xprivacy. Can you give me an example, other than Sailfish’s great user interface, for something that Android can’t do?