Will LineageOS be supported on Fairphone 3?

This currently isn’t even possible because we dont have the stock recovery or boot image. This also means that if something messes up you cannot revert via ADB.

well. I am not a dev myself. but I googled about that and there was some
way to find the partition mtp list via adb. I’d try it myself - if my
FP3 wouldn’t have problems with the USB jack. (wtf, it’s brand new!! OT)

and you can even run TWRP via fastboot without flashing it, then
sometimes you’re even able to backup the stock recovery image. again, as
far as I understood.


no development for fp3 is happening yet because Fairphone hasn’t released the kernel sources yet…reply from z3ntu on wearefairphone:matrix:org on nov 16th 2019


Thanks for the information. So Lineage OS development has not even started. Damn, seems like I have to stick with a borrowed phone for a while.
Can these instructions clean the FP3 from any Google app? I didn’t read everything, but I’m not sure I should try without knowing perfectly what will happen. And as there is no boot image ready, I’m not sure I want to try without a rollback plan.


Back then it was a little bit more easy to port TWRP because the source code was available. However seems that some people already asked for the source code. And I’m optimistic that it will be published in the near future.

I also got my FP3 already. And needed to realize that I’m very happy with LineageOS (for microG) on my FP2 and don’t want to switch that fast to a non-Google-free Android OS. So don’t know why I ordered the FP3 that fast. I feel little like one of these crazy Apple fans :wink: Let’s see what will come. As I’m still happy with my FP2, I’m patient for that.



  1. No, they won’t publish it. After what I read, I think they don’t support alternative OS anymore.
  2. But Samsung never did. And still: Quite a lot Samsung phones can be rooted (or even all of them?).

so… I still am sure that we should back up recovery and system by ourselves and get on with it. as far as I understood, so you can fall back on the working official recovery system whenever you want…

According to what I learned from the other thread, they are obliged to publish the source code according to GPL.

And here is the Samsung site with the source-codes for their mobile-phones

Here’s the opensource page for all their devices.
And there are pages like this for other Android phone-manufacturers as well.

Not that I can make anything of all those informations.


The kernel source has been released. So maybe we can look forward to some movement here :slight_smile:


Yay! :partying_face:

(and welcome to this forum, BTW, @MGlauer :smiley:)


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Thanks. Well, I hope there will be intelligent people to make an Open OS for FP3 out of this :wink:

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There is an /e/OS currently in development:

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Plus there is some LOS 16 development going on here: LineageOS 16 for FP3 development


Sadly i have no experience with development, just reporting bugs.

Can’t wait for a Lineage rom.

It’s already a good contribution :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere, but can someone tell me if there’s a MicroG+LineageOS being worked on for the Fairphone 3?
Recently decided it was time to deGoogle my life. But my current phone is so old it’s not supported. And I’m looking for something durable. Hence Fairphone.
Pretty new to all this, but from what I can tell the LOS build is pretty well underway, right?

Yep, although not (yet) an official LineageOS:

There you can find one version with and one version without microG.

In addition, there’s also /e/ available for the FP3 which includes - afaik - microG:


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And it is out now.


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