Will it be possible in the future to offer multiple tier of fairphones with different higher specs?

Hi, would like to say you guys are doing a very good job with the fairphone.
i currently have an lgv20 and wanted to buy the next phone to be fairphone 3 but after checking the specs i can’t justify switching.

will in the future, you guys have different tier of phone. eg.
fairphone 3: Snapdragon 632, 3,000mAH removable battery
fairphone 3+: Snapdragon 845, 3500mAH removable battery
ect, ect
anyways if not for the current fairphone 3, will it be possible to do something like this in the future. i really want to support the fairphone but the device i currently got can’t justify me going and getting it.

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Hi Amback :wink:

Welcome to Fairphone’s Community forum!
First of, I’d need to clarify we’re not Fairphone company writing and reading posts here (except those with a blue “F” logo under their picture and mentioned as “Fairphone Employee”), but just motivated Fairphone users or simply interested people like you :wink:

To answer your question, even though the Fairphones 2 and 3 are modular, they’re not meant to be changes and improvements with their core module, because that would mean entirely new phone structure (that’s also why the design of FP3 is so different from FP2’s). It would also be very hard for such a small company to deal with another smartphone’s model at the same time, not to mention very costly (that’s at least half of the phone’s price, even more if it were a more powerful one) and polluting to change the core module for users who already have a fully functioning one, and it’s very rare the SoC dies…
The only thing that would improve the core will be… the release of a Fairphone 4 in a few years!
So don’t expect any improvement of the processor for this model.
As for the battery, it’s also probably unlikely, unless they’d find a way to improve the battery capacity without changing its size and shape…

However, as they did for Fairphone 2, it’s highly likely there will be better cameras in the future!

But you said you already have a smartphone. Remember Fairphone’s moto: “the most sustainable smartphone is the one you already have”, so take care of your LG V20, change the battery if you can when it dies, buy a protective case if you haven’t already… and keep it as long as you can :slight_smile:


Hi, this is a community forum and no direct company service site.
Once in a while staff may take a glance into this forum and maybe even post some information.
But you should rather directly get back to Fairphone if you expect an individual answer to your question. @Monica.Ciovica is a staff member and ocassionally drops in here.
Otherwise read more about #fairphonestaff or write to fairphone support.

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