Will I miss Android

Wat r people missing not using Android and can you still watch you tube video

Currently, only the FP2 has Android-free options: Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch. For the FP1 and FP3, you can only install Android-based OSs. Lineage OS and /e/ are technically Android-based and are able to run Android apps (but there might be compatibility problems as some apps require Google services or are rejecting custom ROMs).

As you can use Youtube in your web browser, it should work with most OSs.


I understand things like my bank app I just have to use a browser like ecosia the same with YouTube although I do want divorce from it, but I still in love with it. I can go eco with email address so that all rawking so far.but will zoom work I only have this one phone

Yes. You can download from the Aurora Store if you don’t have the Play Store anymore. And it works for me under LineageOS.


Thank you you have me tempted even more now

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For Youtube there is Newpipe on Fdroid with some nice features:
Download Audio/Video
Background Audio only (podcasts, music)
Local subscription (No Account required)
(Freetube for Desktops if you need something similar)