Wifi's constantly disconnectinc

My Fairphone OS is at 1.51, so I’m at the latest version. Still, I have some issues that come from the day I own this FP. Let’s say I’m normally connected to wifi, doing no matter what, and then the wifi suddenly disconnects and starts “looking for avaliable networks”. Most of the times I reconnect almost inmediately, but sometimes it takes over 5 minutes to reconnect to tha t same wifi, and sometimes, the phone " can’t find any avaliable networks" for over 5-10 minutes, and I’m forced to connect with 3G. It’s getting really annoying and I don’t know what to do. If Fairphone Support is reading this, then you should know some users still have this problem. I hope it gets definetely fixed by an update.



Have you check the forum for people having issues with the antenna? There was also something about GAPPS (Google Software) that can cause problems like this. Lets see if I find it again. Maybe it’s related. Else: Read the blog post about the latest support changes, go through their checklist … and if that doesn’t help … try to send it in.

Update, Links

Antenna, HW

Google Software causing issues (But this often involves a “Enter PIN” request you have not described)

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