WiFi very slow only on home network

For quite some time now, my Fairphone 2 has had issues with my home WiFi. It loads things extremely slowly or sometimes not at all. It is OK with all other wireless networks I use (eg work, public, etc). Other devices connected to our home WiFi work fine, so I don’t think it’s just a slow WiFi connection. I’ve try resetting my phone and changing the WiFi frequency band between automatic, 5GHz only and 2.4GHz only. None made a difference. Sometimes turning the WiFi on my phone off then on again will speed it up, but not reliably and sometimes it then can’t find the network again. Occasionally it works fine for a couple hours but more often than not it’s very difficult using my home WiFi on my phone.

Any ideas on what’s going on here and how to fix it?

I think trial and error is the only option here.

Try and test your phone as single connected device, no other WiFi device active/connected to the router.
Maybe also reset your router after backing up the settings.
Completely re-register the phone to the router (maybe also do a reboot in advance).
Also play and toggle bluetooth on/off on FP2 and all other available devices you have, as both frequency bands are the same and, as I could experience once, may interfere with each other.

No specific, but logic order in performing those steps.
Maybe you are lucky here.

I could find an old but anyway interesting writing on the HP webpage (page 2).

This may occur more often these days as someone could imagine as the ether is crowded with electromagnetic waves.



Thank you very much for this advice. Turning off the bluetooth seems to have done to trick!


Thanks for the feedback. Sounds very good.
So now this seems to be the second confirmed case where the crowded use of the 2,4GHz frequency band shows its weakness (afaik I was the first to post my troubles here with it in FP2 concerns).
To overcome a more state-of-the-art Wifi router could solve this issue permanently (maybe there is a new firmware update for yours available addressing this too…??)
I could solve it by this. I have switched from an old Logilink Wifi router to a newer Fritzbox which supported a later Wifi 802.11 a/b/c/g/n… standard while the phone remains the same, so…
Switching off BT helps here, but it limits your FPs capabilities which at last is only a compromise.

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