Wifi switching itself on


On FP OS 19.02 and have recently been experiencing a battery drain when the WiFi is on but not connected. I think I’ve seen this reported on the forums before.

For this reason, I turn the WiFi off when I’m out of range (walking, commuting etc.). I’ve noticed however that the WiFi likes turning itself back on after a few hours. Not sure why. Location services is off and WiFi scanning is off.

I was going to report it as a bug but just wanted to check this wasn’t a more general Android issue. My online searches weren’t very successful.


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Perhaps the option ‘Network notification’ is responsible for this behaviour.
Go to ‘Settings’
Go to ‘Wi-Fi’
Tap on afbeelding on top of the screen.
See if the ‘Network notification’ is on.


Thanks for your help. I’ve checked and ‘Network notification’ is turned off. Also, it hasn’t happened since the last reboot, so it may have fixed itself? I’ll keep an eye on it…

Experiencing the same problem, so topping this one!! I also checked Network notification and it is turned off.

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